This post contains about 50 of Junkiron's most popular political "graphics"  compiled over the past year.

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The Junkirony blog site is still in the the testing phase and like the Obamacare website I have vowed to have it running flawlessly by March 31, 2014. But unlike President Obama, I did not have three years and a trillion dollars to spend trying to build a website. So it is conceivable that I may experience a few glitches... But unlike Mr. Obama's contention, yes "I DID BUILD THIS", and and if I do hit a bump or two in the road.... it will be no one's fault but my own. A lot of previously posted content was included for now in order to facilitate the initiation of this site. But there is a lot of new, interesting, and controversial subject matter in the works and coming down the track. So check back often to see whats new. If you have your own articles or other content that your would like to see posted on Junkirony.com, please do not hesitate to contact Junkiron. Your questions and suggestions are always appreciated.

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I have always been a visual person. Expressing my opinion through written or spoken word has always been difficult for me. heiroglyphics image

My Grandfather attributed it to my Native American heritage.

"White people think in words, and Indian people think in pictures", he told me.

That may or may not be true. But I myself attribute my problems more to the fact that I failed high school english, as a sophomore, and promptly dropped the class. That, and the fact that a short time later I dropped out of high school all together.

Although I did finish high school in the army and eventually went on to earn a college degree, expressing myself through words has always remained a difficult prospect. About twenty years ago I discovered Photoshop. For me, it was as if the sun had finally broke through the clouds. I finally had a means for expressing my own views and opinions through something more prolific than rude pencil sketches and stick figures.
Since that time I have availed myself of the opportunity to teach myself the skills of digital graphics, motion graphics, and web site design.
Over the years I have compiled thousands of images and dozens of web sites, and even improved my communication skills along the way (but mostly as a matter of collateral damage).

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
If I had drawn a picture instead of trying to come up with a bunch of fancy words, by now I would have saved us both a lot of time.
And I'm sure that we both would have a much better concept of what it is that I am trying to communicate.

As a proud right-wing conservative, yes, my knuckles do drag the ground most of the time. Knuckle dragging is something I consider to be a God given right, and in my case a patriotic duty.
But over time, that, and about thirty something years of "pushing 'em back and making 'em bite", on an oil well drilling rig, has impaired my ability to manipulate a computer keyboard.
Mobile device keyboards are useless to me.
My eyes are too old to hunt, my fingers are too fat to peck, and my patience is shorter than a list of Obama's actual accomplishments.
The only legible handwriting I ever acheived was with a bar of soap on somebody else's car. My own handwriting with any device, more precise than a bar of soap, is harder to read than a doctor's signature on a prescription pad.

I even tried one of those voice to text computer programs on an I-pad. But I finally gave up in despair when the most philosophical utterances I could conjure up, invariably produced only more pictures of the same monkey.

But I'm still not giving up. By now I think I am up to about a thousand words, so hopefully my meaning will begin to emerge that the content of this web site is an effort to expose the "JUNK and IRONY" of the political world that envelopes us. A quizzical peek through the daily din of political cacophony. The esoteric humor which my oldest and dearest friends affectionately claim can only be perceived through "the rationality of cowboy logic".

And whether you believe my Grandfather was wrong or right... well let's just say I still hope you enjoy my digital scratchings.