So-called "legal analysts" spew their own ignorance of the grand jury process

There are some things in this world that no matter how diligently you study them academically, you will never fully understand them without actually experiencing them in real life. One such experience is serving on the grand jury. Most people have never had this experience so it is understandable why so many people can be so completely misled by the so-called "legal analysts" spewing their own ignorance, of the grand jury process, from the realms of the main stream media.

For the grand jury to function effectively everything and anything that is said or done behind closed grand jury doors must be kept secret. The true power of the grand jury resides in the ability of the jurors to deliberate without intimidation or threat of reprisal from all external entities.
Without that secrecy the grand jury becomes worthless. This explains why some malicious entities would go to such extremes to disrupt the sanctity of the grand jury deliberation process.

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Prior to the Grand Jury decision in the shooting death of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency in Ferguson Missouri.
Nixon put the Missouri State Highway Patrol in charge of a unified local police command and later activated the National Guard to provide security around the police command center.
Gov. Nixon's decision to activate his states National Guard is being welcomed by some in the St. Louis area as a wise precaution for public safety.

But others warn the move will only antagonize already fragile race relations with protesters, rioters, and looters, now out of control in the streets of the city.
With police forces stretched thin, and exhausted from weeks of overtime service, and more buildings on fire than the fire department could contain, some city officials believed martial law should be declared until control can be re-established in the city.

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As Control of Senate Slips Out of The Democrat Hands

The nation?s Big Three TV networks that relentlessly reported the 2006 anti-Bush election which gave Democrats control of Capitol Hill have practically ignored this year?s anti-Obama midterms that are expected to return control of the senate to the Republican Party.

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If there was ever any doubt how this Commander in Chief really feels in his heart about our men and women in uniform, this should leave no doubt. We have men and women engaged in harm?s way, and he does THIS? The fact that he has the nerve to publish this on his Instagram account is a disgrace to himself as a person.

Obama's flaccid salute is an almost daily insult to each and every man and woman who has ever graced the uniform of our country or made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nation.

Equally appalling is the total disrespect he shows for his own wife. Rather than wait and assist his wife in dismounting an unstable aircraft, Mr. Obama sticks his arrogant nose in the air and hurries away without a single thought or concern for the safety or well being of his own wife.

With the degree of disrespect this ill-mannered man displays toward his own family members on a daily basis, it should be no surprise that this ignorant and narcissistic man has even less respect and consideration for the men and women who serve our nation, and the family members who wait for - and often times grieve for their loss.

[Travis County, Texas] Texas District Attorney and town drunk Rosemary Lehmberg has taken vengeance to heights previously unseen even in the Obama Administration.
A vengeance even Eric Holder and Barrack Obama, are shy to admit they neglected to employ.

The City of Austin Texas, (a bastion of liberal intolerance) surrounded by the rustic landscape of fiercely conservative Texan common sense, and steeped in the proud traditions of Texas cowboy logic, was the scene of Rosemary Lehmberg's (video taped) drunk driving arrest, and the subsequent foul and belligerent behavior that prompted Governor Rick Perry to demand her resignation.

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