Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), the chair of the Republican-led congressional panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks said former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to respond to a subpoena for her private server, had not provided a single new document, and had unilaterally decided to wipe clean her personal server. An attourney for Clinton informed the panel that Clinton had permanently deleted all emails from the server.
It appears Clinton wiped the server after Oct. 28, 2014, after the State Department had asked her to turn over her official correspondence.
It is a lot easier to just replace a hard drive than it is to wipe one clean. It would be a good bet that Hillary Clinton still has the original hard drive (Along with a backup) stuck somewhere in a crack along side her Whitewater records.
Mitt Romney refused to turn over his tax records and it came back to haunt him for years. Whatever actually was in Mitt's records probably wouldn't have hurt him nearly as much as what most Americans "imagined" was in his records. The silent white majority lost faith in Mitt's honesty and they stayed home on election day. Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are in a downward spiral and it's not hard to envision the same plight that plagued Mittt Romney also  befalling  Hillary Clinton.
It's also a whole lot easier to hide U.S. Government documents than it is to hide a tranch of personal e-mails that are floating around out there in the wild. If a bunch of damning e-mails start turning up (that Hillary failed to turn over in response to the Trey Gowdy subpeona) the wheels could start coming off the Democrat donkey cart in a hurry.
It has been reported that most of the e-mails that the wife of Muslim Brotherhood leader (Muhammad Morsi) used to threaten/blackmail Hillary Clinton (and Obama)  were sent by Huma Abedin from her own e-mail account and computer. The Ciinton e-mail scandal is growing  more legs than a centipede and has a long long ways yet to run.
.Without doubt Huma Abedin will be the next poor soul ( /snark) cast under the Clinton bus. If I were Huma I'd be busy checking to find out if someone, (like maybe Edward Snowden) might have a spare room, or couch or something, available for long term rent or occupation.
The Republican-led congressional panel investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack have up until  this point basicly handled Hillary Clinton with kid gloves. But voices on both sides of the political isle are getting louder demanding legal action be taken against the Clintons.
Richard Nixon deleted eighteen and a half minutes of tape and got impeached. Will Hillary Clinton delete an entire server and get elected ?
 Myself... I hopefully doubt it.


Anyone who has watched a State of the Union Address the past few years has probably noticed Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down like a jack-in-the-box every time Obama finishes trying to make a point.
The stock market over the past few months has been jumping up and down in a similar radical fashion.

Mixed economic messages coming out of the Europe Union is certainly one of the reasons for the recent volatility.

While there is plenty of positive economic news on the American domestic front, the global economy continues to exist in a state of instability. Most of the recent instability can be attributed to the economic chaos emanating out of the Greek economy, which has existed in a downward spiral for decades.

As Margret Thatcher famously said: "Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money."

And In 2010 Greece finally ran out of "other peoples money".
With no reasonable country willing to extend Greece further loans, Greece has found itself on the precipice of national disaster.

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Vice President Joe "The Groper" Biden is at it again!

The latest Biden groping comes at the swearing-in ceremony for Defense Sec. Ash Carter, where Creepy Joe Biden couldn?t keep his hands and lips off of the new Defense Secretary?s wife, Stephanie. You can tell that Stephanie Carter was pretty uncomfortable, but what could she really do? She had to just stand there and allow Biden to grope her.

The facial expression on Stephanie?s face was that of a woman who was very uncomfortable with Biden?s prolonged pawing and the look on her face said ?Get your hands off me.? This went on behind her husband who was standing at the podium giving his acceptance speech as the new secretary of defense.

?This was supposed to be my husband?s moment,? Stephanie said. ?Ash was being sworn in and it was his special moment. But now, all anybody can talk about is the Vice Presidentt who was clearly over-the-line the way he grabbed me and his inappropriot behavior. I just decided it?s time I needeed to speak out about this.?

Try to imagine the firestorm that would hit the media if "Uncle Joe the Groper" Biden was a Republican! We would never hear the end of it. The Democrats would stage multiple political events proclaiming repubicans as the "party child molesters".

The truth is that there are real sickos harboring within the Democrat Party ranks. Biden, like Harry Reid, can rest assured that the corrupt liberal media will never report on perverted activities. As Democrats they apparently languish above the law.

Biden obviously feels that he can grope and molest as many women and young girls as he wants, and nobody will stop him.

Any regular citizen who behaved the way this old lecher does would have been in jail long ago, but the same liberal media who are committed to ?raising awareness? of fabricated sexual harassment on campus will continue to ignore Biden?s behavior or write it off as overenthusiastic friendliness. I guess we should be thankful the pervert isn?t a stalker. Then again how would we know he's not ?

There seems to be a Biden Grope in about every group picture he is involved in. It?s like Biden feels if he graces you with his presence he is entitled to grope at random.

It's far past time we put this illegal and revolting behavior to an end.

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Obama White House in Meltdown Over Netanyahu's Proposed Speech to Congress


White House Officials: Netanyahu "Spat in our Face"

For the second year running, a bid to pass a bill intensifying sanctions against Iran appears to be foundering on threats of a presidential veto.

Turbulence this week surrounding the Iran sanctions legislation, authored by Sens. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) with the strong backing of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, has left the bill in limbo.

In his State of the Union address President Obama vowed to veto further sanctions legislation, saying it would ?all but guarantee? a collapse of his efforts to achieve a deal on Iran?s nuclear program.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) responded by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress on the subject.

Netanyahu accepted the invitation and is scheduled to address the Congress on March 3, 2015. That coincides with AIPAC?s annual policy conference, which he is also scheduled to address.
Netanyahu, is expected to express full support for new sanctions legislation against Iran.

imageThe White House has called the Netanyahu invitation a slap in face for President Obama.
They maintain that House Speaker Boehner broke with protocol by inviting Netanyahu to address Congress without first notifying the Obama administration.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Wednesday:

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You Can?t Bully Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd Around with Political Correctness


Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd Gives a Reporter a Lesson in Political Correctness ? ?Make No Mistake About It, There?s Nothing About Politically Correct in a Gun Fight.?

HERO OF THE WEEK " Polk County Sheriff,Grady Judd.

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